The Bradford Store, Huntersville, NC Locally Grown & Organic Produce, Farmers Market


Come visit us! Sit in the rockers on our front porch, enjoy the breezes, relax in the countryside and stock up on some delicious produce and goods! Freshly shelled peas, potatoes, meats, fresh eggs, NC mountain apples, freshly pressed NC mountain apple cider, etc! Bradford Farm produce is grown organically straight from our gardens!

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The Bradford Store

Located on Hwy. 73 in Huntersville, North Carolina, The Bradford Store brings you back to the good old days of fresh, local, hand-prepared, and hand-selected foods at fair prices. We offer a huge selection of organic and naturally grown local produce and handmade goods.

Every day brings new products to the store like:

  • In-season, field-ripened vegetables from our gardens
  • Hoop cheeses
  • Hand-made soaps & soy candles
  • Delicious organic home-baked breads
  • Hand-picked citrus fruits from Florida (winter)
  • NC Mountain Apples (fall) & freshly pressed apple cider
  • Special ordered cakes
  • Yah’s Salsas – many different varieties
  • Homeland Creamery dairy products
  • Goat Lady Dairy goat cheeses
  • Hoffner Organic ground beef & bratwurst
  • McLaughlins meats

See what’s Fresh Now! The store is stocked on a daily basis.

***The Bradford Store does not ship items.